Seminars and Presentations by Dr. Ihab Anwar

Dr. Ihab Anwar led or was an active member of the following presentations:

Long Term Follow up is advised in cases of Invasive Lobular Cancinoma of the breast. Does the type of Surgery matters?  Abstract presented at the San Antonio breast symposium December 2006

Avoiding back wound dehiscence in extended Latissimus Dorsi flap breast reconstruction: A new surgical technique.  N Farooq, A Burger, S Thomas, G Fuchs, S Rizvi, E Anwar, Dr. Ihab Anwar.  EJC 2007

Impact of sentinel lymph node biopsy before mastectomies and immediate breast reconstruction in predicting post-mastectomies adjuvant radiotherapy.  Does it improve the choice of reconstruction?  A Navi, A Mirza, G Fuchs, A Burger, N Farooq, S Down, E Anwar, S J Pain, Dr. Ihab Anwar.  EJC 2007

Balancing autogenous tissue with an implant in extended latissimus dorsi flap
reconstruction of the breast:  A new concept.  A Burger, N Farooq, G Fuchs, R
Shaik, Dr. Ihab Anwar.  EJC 2007;

The use of Frozen Section in margin assesment during breast conservation Surgery. Presented in the national meeting, Society of Medicine, London August 2008

An Audit into the Effectiveness of Two Local Anaesthetic Routes During Breast Surgery on Post-Operative Pain Matthews D, Jameel A, Mash S, Chandra C,
Anwar I, presented in the Network meeting East Anglia, Jan 09

Cutaneous Schistozomiasis mimmicking paget’s disease of the breast. Pennel L, Seddon I, Anwar I. Accepted for publication, Breast Journal Nov 2009.Manuscript TBJ-00466-2009.R1

Invasive lobular carcinoma of the breast: Should this be regarded as a chronic
disease? S K Downs, S Rizvi, A Burger, N Farooq, A Morgan, Dr. Ihab Anwar
Int J Surg 2010; 8: 346-352

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About Ihab Anwar UK

Ihab Anwar is a student of the University of Rhode Island. He is part of a foreign exchange program and is originally from the United Kingdom. This past fall, he went on the trip of a lifetime with his classmates on a Semester at Sea program. While in the program he traveled to over 15 different countries.
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