Dr. Ihab Anwar – Participated the Teaching Sessions

Dr. Ihab Anwar is a skilled medical professional and surgeon who takes pride in helping mold the future professionals of his field. He has hosted a number of lectures, activities and more that have enhanced the learning experience for the med student as well as given them a significant amount of knowledge to take on future endeavors. His objective throughout these teaching activities has been to achieve the development of high quality education, which Dr. Ihab Anwar sees as very important to the development of effective patient care.

Dr. Ihab Anwar has participated in the teaching sessions for the junior medical staff and undergraduate medical students, including final year medical students as a surgical tutor. He participated in the postgraduate teaching activities for junior surgeons preparing for the MRCS examination by presenting live programs on MRC TV, which is a satellite TV broadcasting live interactive teaching programmes and widely viewed all over the UK. He also participated in pre-registration house officer teaching by giving lectures in basic and clinical surgical sciences as well as bedside and operative teaching.

Furthermore, Dr. Ihab Anwar actively participates in nursing staff teaching by giving lectures in specialised breast surgery courses; for example, the Breast and cervical screening course given at Marie Curie cancer centre, Belfast. He gave these lectures in June 2001, October 2001 and April 2002. He also taught a basic surgical skills course in October 2005 in Norwich, UK, which is specially designed to teach junior surgeons.

During The Surgical Study Day for East Anglia Region, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals, Norwich, UK. Dr. Ihab Anwar participated in teaching during this study day for Surgeons and General Practitioners in the East Anglia Region. He also taught in the following lectures, classes and conferences:

General Surgery Meeting, BUPA Hospital, Norwich, 14th June 2005. Dr. Ihab Anwar helped teach General Practitioners of the East Anglia Region.

Nurse’s Seminar, BUPA Hospital, Norwich, 28th September 2005.

East Anglia Regional Educational meeting, Cambridge, UK, Wednesday 29th November 2006.

Women’s Identities in Breast Cancer: The role of the Surgeon.  University of East Anglia, Norwich, 20th March 2007.

In Egypt Dr. Ihab Anwar gave two senior and one junior tutorial to the undergraduate medical students per week and participated in the Professional Department’s clinical teaching sessions, which were held three times per week. He also presented lectures to nurses each term and took part at the General Practitioners Post Graduate Luncheon Meetings.


About Ihab Anwar UK

Ihab Anwar is a student of the University of Rhode Island. He is part of a foreign exchange program and is originally from the United Kingdom. This past fall, he went on the trip of a lifetime with his classmates on a Semester at Sea program. While in the program he traveled to over 15 different countries.
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