Dr. Ihab Anwar Surgeon Specializing in Laparoscopic Procedures

Dr. Ihab Anwar is an internationally prominent surgeon working as the Head of General Surgery at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Born in Egypt, he completed his first full-time residency at the University of Alexandria in 1986.


He moved on from there to receive extensive training and education in various hospitals and other medical facilities around Europe. After training extensively in breast re constructive surgery and laparoscopic surgery, he worked at hospitals in the United Kingdom, including Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Cambridge, England, where he dealt with all kinds of surgical emergencies and developed a reputation as an excellent multiple trauma treatments.

Visit http://www.scribd.com/doc/259151386/Dr-Ihab-Anwar-Surgeon-Specializing-in-Laparoscopic-Procedures for more information.


About Ihab Anwar UK

Ihab Anwar is a student of the University of Rhode Island. He is part of a foreign exchange program and is originally from the United Kingdom. This past fall, he went on the trip of a lifetime with his classmates on a Semester at Sea program. While in the program he traveled to over 15 different countries.
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