Ihab Anwar Prepares to Compose His ‘Semester at Sea’ Essay

University of Rhode Island/University of Manchester student Ihab Anwar is grateful to have been involved in what was a life-changing opportunity; the chance to circumnavigate the globe and visit 17 cities, and 15 countries, in just over three months time. A student/passenger in the Fall 2014 Semester at Sea program, Anwar chronicled his adventures in his very own cruise journal, and looks forward to the chance to share his journey, as well as the profound impact it has had on his life, and his academic career, with the rest of the world.

Ihab Anwar UK
A student of marine biology/journalism, Ihab Anwar is now obliged to produce a 20 page essay detailing not only what he went through and experienced aboard the MV Explorer, but also the impression it’s had on him as an evolving and enthusiastic global citizen. Ihab Anwar kept studious notes of the journey, as well as each particular stop along the way, and intends on incorporating his notes, his travel log, as he calls it, into the production of what he hopes to be a moving and inspiring piece.

The unique Semester at Sea opportunity is intended to provide aspiring academics with a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the world; to obtain a stronger grasp of international relations, as well as the issues that make them so complex, and often times challenging. Semester at Sea, which accepts over 700 students each and every academic term, seeks to create truly global thinkers, exposing young adults to a places, people, cultures and history in an effort to broaden horizons, improve understanding and create a more thoughtful global citizenry.

Ihab Anwar UK
Ihab Anwar is now parsing out his journal as best as he can; using his notes to create more of a solid narrative while building a theme for his upcoming essay. He also intends on incorporating some of the friendships into his story, which will include the budding relationship he soon developed with an American exchange student named Jenna.

Anwar will never forget the experiences he had as a Semester at Sea student, nor the impact the journey has had on his academic, professional and personal future. He is now preparing to compose an essay that truly captures the essence of the entire experience.

To know more visit Ihab Anwar’s website here:- http://drihabanwar.com/



About Ihab Anwar UK

Ihab Anwar is a student of the University of Rhode Island. He is part of a foreign exchange program and is originally from the United Kingdom. This past fall, he went on the trip of a lifetime with his classmates on a Semester at Sea program. While in the program he traveled to over 15 different countries.
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