Ihab Anwar’s journey as a foreign exchange student in Brazil

Ihab Anwar is a foreign exchange student from the United Kingdom who spent his Fall 014 semester on a boat with his classmates, setting sail to 15 different countries and gaining experiences that he will certainly cherish for many years to come.

One of his favorite trips was to Brazil, where he got to discover South America’s biggest economy and the amazing natural beauty, culture, and vibrant lifestyle encompassed within its cast borders.

Ihab Anwar set sail with his classmates in the fall of 014, hitting France Spain and Morocco before making their way over to the hot and sandy shores of Rio de Janiero. The second that Ihab Anwar set foot I the country, he had immediately fallen in love with it.

He and his classmates soaked up the sun on the shores of Ipanema that entire day, while drinking freshly squeezed juices and snacking on blocks of cheese grilled on wooden skewers.

After getting a good tan and developing an insatiable hunger for Brazilian cuisine, Dr. Ihab Anwar and his classmates tried out an all you can eat steak restaurant, which are very prominent in the country.

After filling their bellies, they went on to dance in the hottest clubs of Copacabana. Brazil, namely the city of Rio de Janiero, became one of Anwar’s favorite and most memorable places.

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Seminars and Presentations by Dr. Ihab Anwar

Dr. Ihab Anwar led or was an active member of the following presentations:

Long Term Follow up is advised in cases of Invasive Lobular Cancinoma of the breast. Does the type of Surgery matters?  Abstract presented at the San Antonio breast symposium December 2006

Avoiding back wound dehiscence in extended Latissimus Dorsi flap breast reconstruction: A new surgical technique.  N Farooq, A Burger, S Thomas, G Fuchs, S Rizvi, E Anwar, Dr. Ihab Anwar.  EJC 2007

Impact of sentinel lymph node biopsy before mastectomies and immediate breast reconstruction in predicting post-mastectomies adjuvant radiotherapy.  Does it improve the choice of reconstruction?  A Navi, A Mirza, G Fuchs, A Burger, N Farooq, S Down, E Anwar, S J Pain, Dr. Ihab Anwar.  EJC 2007

Balancing autogenous tissue with an implant in extended latissimus dorsi flap
reconstruction of the breast:  A new concept.  A Burger, N Farooq, G Fuchs, R
Shaik, Dr. Ihab Anwar.  EJC 2007;

The use of Frozen Section in margin assesment during breast conservation Surgery. Presented in the national meeting, Society of Medicine, London August 2008

An Audit into the Effectiveness of Two Local Anaesthetic Routes During Breast Surgery on Post-Operative Pain Matthews D, Jameel A, Mash S, Chandra C,
Anwar I, presented in the Network meeting East Anglia, Jan 09

Cutaneous Schistozomiasis mimmicking paget’s disease of the breast. Pennel L, Seddon I, Anwar I. Accepted for publication, Breast Journal Nov 2009.Manuscript TBJ-00466-2009.R1

Invasive lobular carcinoma of the breast: Should this be regarded as a chronic
disease? S K Downs, S Rizvi, A Burger, N Farooq, A Morgan, Dr. Ihab Anwar
Int J Surg 2010; 8: 346-352

Visit here for more info about Dr. Ihab:   http://drihabanwar.com/

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Dr. Ihab Anwar’s Professional Connections for References

Dr. Ihab Anwar is a renowned surgeon and doctor who has made his fair share of accomplishments and advancement sin his field through doing extensive work in the United Kingdom as well as Saudi Arabia. Throughout his decorated career, he has established professional connections with a number of experts who vouch for Dr. Ihab Anwar as a determined and highly knowledgeable professional. Below is a list of his references who can provide testament to his character and professionalism:

Dr. Patrick Oregan
Head Section and Consultant
King Faisal Specialist Hospital
Saudi Arabia
Email oregan@hotmail.com

Mr. Colin Rogers
Consultant Breast Surgeon
Queen’s Hospital
01283 511511 Ext 4090
Belvedere Road DE13 0RB

Mr. David Ralphs
Consultant Surgeon
Head of the Breast Unit
Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital
Email  ralphs@norwich.com

Mr. C Speakman
Clinical Director
Surgery Department
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
01603 286286
E mail  chris.speakman@nnuh.nhs.uk

Mr. Maged Hussein
Consultant Breast and General Surgeon
Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital
01603 286286
E mail Maged.hussein@nnuh.nhs.uk

Miss CT Mortimer
Consultant General and Breast Surgeon
Ipswich General Hospital
Email  caroline.mortimer@ipswichhospital.nhs

Dr. Sami Boghdadly. FRCS, FACS
Chairman of Surgery
King Fahad National Guard Hospital
Consultant Surgeon and Clinical Director
Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow.
01279 444555
Email  boghdadly@hotmail.com

Dr. Ihab Anwar is proud to have made acquaintances with such a number of esteemed individuals.

These people have not only enriched his career through his mere connections with them, but they also serve as a testament to Anwar’s utmost expertise.

To know all the detail about Dr. Ihab Anwar, visit his personal website:- http://drihabanwar.com/

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Dr. Ihab Anwar – Participated the Teaching Sessions

Dr. Ihab Anwar is a skilled medical professional and surgeon who takes pride in helping mold the future professionals of his field. He has hosted a number of lectures, activities and more that have enhanced the learning experience for the med student as well as given them a significant amount of knowledge to take on future endeavors. His objective throughout these teaching activities has been to achieve the development of high quality education, which Dr. Ihab Anwar sees as very important to the development of effective patient care.

Dr. Ihab Anwar has participated in the teaching sessions for the junior medical staff and undergraduate medical students, including final year medical students as a surgical tutor. He participated in the postgraduate teaching activities for junior surgeons preparing for the MRCS examination by presenting live programs on MRC TV, which is a satellite TV broadcasting live interactive teaching programmes and widely viewed all over the UK. He also participated in pre-registration house officer teaching by giving lectures in basic and clinical surgical sciences as well as bedside and operative teaching.

Furthermore, Dr. Ihab Anwar actively participates in nursing staff teaching by giving lectures in specialised breast surgery courses; for example, the Breast and cervical screening course given at Marie Curie cancer centre, Belfast. He gave these lectures in June 2001, October 2001 and April 2002. He also taught a basic surgical skills course in October 2005 in Norwich, UK, which is specially designed to teach junior surgeons.

During The Surgical Study Day for East Anglia Region, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals, Norwich, UK. Dr. Ihab Anwar participated in teaching during this study day for Surgeons and General Practitioners in the East Anglia Region. He also taught in the following lectures, classes and conferences:

General Surgery Meeting, BUPA Hospital, Norwich, 14th June 2005. Dr. Ihab Anwar helped teach General Practitioners of the East Anglia Region.

Nurse’s Seminar, BUPA Hospital, Norwich, 28th September 2005.

East Anglia Regional Educational meeting, Cambridge, UK, Wednesday 29th November 2006.

Women’s Identities in Breast Cancer: The role of the Surgeon.  University of East Anglia, Norwich, 20th March 2007.

In Egypt Dr. Ihab Anwar gave two senior and one junior tutorial to the undergraduate medical students per week and participated in the Professional Department’s clinical teaching sessions, which were held three times per week. He also presented lectures to nurses each term and took part at the General Practitioners Post Graduate Luncheon Meetings.

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Ihab Anwar: Puerto Rico

Dr. Ihab Anwar got the opportunity of a lifetime when he took a semester at sea. He and his classmates set sail from the United Kingdom, and went on to explore 15 different countries before ending in the ports of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Being as he is originally from the UK, Anwar did not do much traveling in his younger years; but he got a heavy dose of exploration from this trip. The ship took the along the coasts of France and Spain, before heading southwest down to Brazil and making its way back up through the Caribbean and to its final destination.

Ihab Anwar - Puerto Rico One of the stops that the ship made before making it onto the continental United States was on the enchanting island of Puerto Rico. Once a European colony of Spanish and Portuguese influence, Puerto Rico is now on United States territory and shows a glimpse of the culture that Dr. Ihab Anwar loud be fully immersing himself with at the University of Rhode Island. But in the meantime, there was plenty to explore and he was wasting no time. He first explored the streets of Old Town San Juan before heading to Rincon, which is on the southwestern tip of the country and is where Puerto Rico gets its surfing fame Rincon is the destination of many international surf competitions, and can get some very big waves at times.

Aside from seeing Rincon, Dr. Ihab Anwar also traveled to the island of Vieques and got to explore the El Yunque rainforest.

Check all the detail about Ihab’s on his personal website:- http://drihabanwar.com/

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Ihab Anwar: Environmental Concerns

Dr. Ihab Anwar is a foreign exchange student who is currently attending the University of Rhode Island. Ihab has been a marine biology major ever since enrolling in college, as he has always wanted to take a more active role in conserving ocean habitats. But now he has decided to attack this issue from a different angle, and be more involved in the policy making rather than the actual research that is used to form those arguments. Which is why Ihab Anwar is thinking about switching majors to political science.

Ihab Anwar
Anwar is interested in this field because he feels he can have a bigger impact on helping our environment by using his wits, communication skills and his ability to think about the stakeholders in an issue and foreshadow where the opposition would inevitably come from. Dr. Ihab Anwar is passionate about protecting our water resources as well as the animals who live in them. He sees the everyday pollution and news about major oil spills and other environmental disasters, and he rejects the notion that notion ca be done about it.

Ihab Anwar - Environmental Concerns
First things first, he issues such as the droughts in California and sees them as much more of a global issue than the status quo appreciates. California provides not only a majority of the United States’ fruit and vegetables, but it also provides these things all over the world; and if it dries up then all of that food production will be gone.

Visit Ihab Anwar’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Dr

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Ihab Anwar: “The World Was Our Oyster!”

Aspiring marine biologist and astute academic Dr. Ihab Anwar continues to rave about the experiences he attained as passenger of the MV Explorer, a cruise ship that recently took both Anwar and a group of over 100 students from around the world on the journey of a lifetime. A key component of the Semester at Sea Program, now in its 52nd year of operation, the MV Explorer provided students an invaluable opportunity to see and learn about the world in a highly interactive and experiential way.

Ihab Anwar
“The World Was Our Oyster!,” raved England-native Ihab Anwar, who is now spending the year studying at the University of Rhode Island. “I hadn’t realized just how much this voyage would open my eyes, but I will forever be grateful to Mr. Lodge for taking us on such an incredible adventure. Lisbon and St. Petersburg are definitely tied, for me at least, as the highlights of the trip!”

Ihab Anwar, who chronicled each leg of the journey in his private journal, plans on using everything he’s learned and written to produce his essay; a 20-page piece required by each and every At Sea participant at the end of the Spring semester.

Know more visit  here https://medium.com/@DrIhabAnwarUK/ihab-anwar-the-world-was-our-oyster-c9cbdcd045fc

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